Depuis 1996, Müller crée des meubles métalliques modernes et fabriqués à la main pour la maison et le bureau. Les designs sont intemporels, flexibles, individuels, authentiques et durables, ce qui donne lieu à des meubles qui dureront longtemps.

Traditional Craftsmanship

All products are made in Müller's own production plant in Germany by highly skilled craftspeople who cut, shape and weld the metal to create beautiful furniture. Attention to detail is given throughout the production to ensure quality and each pieces is individually planned and assembled according to the customer requirements.


Each product has many options to choose from, including a choice of one of the 1825 RAP colours, different sizes, layouts and finishes.


The question of dealing economically with energy, emissions, raw materials and production methods plays the key role here. The longer a product is usable, the more economical and less burdensome it is for the environment. A timeless design as well as durable and high-quality materials leads to the high longevity of furniture from müller. And at the end of the long service life, furniture made of metal is 100% recyclable and can be returned to the ecological cycle.

"Nous transformons le métal en formes les plus raffinées"



Müller fête ses 25 ans en 2021


Vendu dans 35 pays différents, à travers le monde


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