Meeting Müller

Shown here: Martini Chair, MO07 and MO08 Coffee Tables

I remember vividly the first time we came across Müller at the IMM Furniture Show in Cologne.  It was the end of our third day at the Show and our energy levels were waning. To provide some context the Koelnmesse Exhibition Centre occupies an area of 284,000 sq.m, our Fitbits were registering 25,000 steps and we were laden with bags of catalogues and samples.  Lets put it this way we were very much looking forward to our evening wind down, meal and cheeky glass of wine. However, on the way out something caught our eye and we just had to was Müller... 

Müller cuts, shapes and welds steel to create beautiful home and office furniture, including desks, coffee tables and storage solutions. We were immediately struck by the passion and knowledge as the lady on the stand explained how each piece of furniture is handcrafted in their own workshop in Germany. And as we admired the green Classic Line Desk with it's soft-touch linoleum worktop we could certainly see and feel the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.  

Muller Classic Line Desk

As we viewed the other pieces on the stand, especially the Twist coffee tables and a multi-coloured Scala shelving unit it became clear that Müller is not scared of design innovation, but at the same time manages to somehow create pieces which are timeless and versatile.  This coupled with the durability of the material means if you invest in a piece of Müller furniture, it is truly a piece that will last a lifetime! 

Muller Twist Metal Coffee Table

What we also love is that you can really put your personality on Müller's collection. For example, the said Classic Line desk comes in a 2 different sizes, 3 different layouts and a choice of one or many of the 1825 RAL colours. Oh and then you can still choose your trim, worktop and whether you go for a glossy or matt finish!  So the possibilities are endless, enabling you to create your own individual piece.

So what was a quick stop on our way out had turned into a great meeting and hopefully what will become a long term partnership.  

Since our initial meeting,  I have been lucky enough to meet with Müller's founder Evelyn Hummel and sneak in a quick 5 minute interview.  I can certainly that our discussions backed up Muller's philosophy for design, quality, innovation and sustainability.  Here is what she had to say:

How would you describe Muller’s style in one sentence?

Modern timeless unique authentic

Who is your biggest inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration comes from classic furniture history put together with current needs of modern living

Which is your favourite piece of furniture that Muller has created and why?

This changes from time to time. At the moment it is the Martini Chair. Perfect combination of design and comfort, or as designer would say: form follows function

What has been your best seller for 2020?

Clearly our secretary desks, PS 04, PS 10, and our novelty PS 20.

            Shown here: Twist Coffee Tables

What can we expect from Muller in 2021?

2021 is our 25th anniversary, we will launch some surprising novelties.

 Shown here: PS20 Desk and Beta Coffee Tables

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