Outdoor Dining Tables

Does anything scream ‘Summer’s on its way’ more than outdoor dining? As the evenings become warmer and longer, it’s time to fire up the BBQs and start hosting those weekend dinner parties with your newly furnished outdoor living space. 

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    Having the right outdoor dining table regardless of whether it’s for a balcony, terrace or garden is essential for a great dinner party. Our range of outdoor dining tables here at Milola are brought to you by two incredible modern outdoor furniture brands - BRAFAB and SUNS. Not only are their dining tables unique, many are available in a range of sizes, materials and styles. 

    A number of our garden tables are available as an outdoor dining set. When you purchase the outdoor dining table and chairs together, this offers exceptional value and ensures your table and chairs are a match in terms of style.

    Metal outdoor table

    If you are looking for a low maintenance table then one of our metal outdoor tables made of aluminium may be an excellent choice as they don’t rust and offer a minimalistic look to your outside dining area.

    Outdoor wooden table

    If a more rustic look is what you’re after, then our outdoor wooden tables offer a more natural finish, with the added bonus of changing over time, telling their own stories of the moments shared around it. We have wooden tables available in both round and rectangular configurations.

    Extendable outdoor dining tables

    When it comes to gathering family and friends for a garden party, an extendable outdoor dining table is the perfect choice. Whilst it takes up minimal space when collapsed, it can be opened up when the party commences to provide additional seating in just seconds.

    Round outdoor table

    There’s something so effortless about a round outdoor table. The smooth circular lines soften an outdoor dining area and are particularly brilliant in slightly smaller spaces as they can be tucked into the corner of a balcony or terrace. By its very nature, a round outdoor dining table ensures that every person present is a real part of the conversation.