Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor dining sets are a great addition to any patio, garden or balcony. They allow you to enjoy meals and gatherings with friends and family in a comfortable and stylish setting. At Milola, we have a wide range of garden and patio dining sets in high quality, weatherproof materials without compromising on style and comfort. View the full range below.


    When it comes to choosing an outdoor dining set for your home, it's important to consider a few factors. 

    At Milola, we only work with brands that share our core values of quality, comfort and unique design. Our outdoor furniture is brought to you by two leading garden furniture brands: BRAFAB and SUNS. If you would like to discuss any of our outdoor furniture pieces with the team, please contact us today.

    What size should it be?

    The size of your outdoor dining set will depend on where it's going to be placed. If you're living in an apartment with a balcony or perhaps a small patio, you may opt for a smaller 4 seater dining table with slimline garden chairs so that you don't overpower the space. If you're looking to fill a larger area, perhaps near a pool or in a bigger garden, then you could go for a larger 6 or 8 seater outdoor table. At Milola, we even have extendable outdoor tables which are a nice option if you often host parties and need more seating available.

    What material should it be?

    Ensure that when choosing your outdoor dining set, you choose one made of high-quality materials such as aluminium or teak. Aluminium is particularly hard-wearing making it a great weather-proof choice. It's also lightweight meaning you can easily move your dining table around if desired. Teak gives a more luxurious timeless feel and is also hard-wearing but does require a little more maintenance than aluminium.

    What style should I go for?

    This highly depends on the style of the rest of your home and garden. If you like the Scandinavian look, then perhaps a teak garden table with rattan chairs would be appropriate. Or if you prefer a more modern, industrial feel then black aluminium would be a great choice.