Brafab brings high quality,  stylish and comfortable furniture to your outdoor space.  The line between indoor and outdoor space is becoming blurrier and Brafab aims to help you bring the same comforts and welcoming feel of your indoor spaces outside, whether it be on the balcony, terrace, garden or pool area.

High Quality

The use of high quality materials and attention to detail throughout the production process ensures the highest of quality and a long-lasting product, whether this be in the welding of the aluminium, cutting of the teak or weaving of the rattan. People often tell the original owner, Bror Karlsson that they have Brafab furniture at home, and that they've had it for 30 years - he says ' that's the best rating we can get!'

Twist on Modern Trends

Whilst following current trends, Brafab aims to cater for mass appeal, but also offer something a little different to those who want to make a statement.

Affordable Luxury

For the quality of product, prices are very competitive and an affordable luxury to many.


Brand Facts


Years experience in the furniture industry


Months - the length of Brafab's product development cycle


Sold in over 20 countries, worldwide


Our Favourite

Gonesse Sofa

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