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Linie design is a one of the largest designers and suppliers of Nordic handmade rugs in Northern Europe.  Quality,  aesthetics and sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, whether it be in the design, materials, weaving method or social responsibilities.   They offer a breadth of sizes, shapes, colours, patterns and materials, so there is sure to be something that works with your space.

High Quality

All rugs are designed by recognised Scandinavian designers and handmade by Indian master artisans, who have perfected their skills through generations.  Only the very best in materials are used whether it be wool, viscose or leather, an attention to detail is given throughout the production process.


All the rugs come in a choice of sizes and colours and custom sizes can be made on request.

Fair Trade

Linie Design is part of the Care & Fair initiative, which means a healthy working environment for all and proactively campaigning against child labour in the European carpet trade. The initiative also supports schools, education and day centres ensuing that young people have the start in life they deserve.  


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Linie Design

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