Milola Measuring Guide

Ensuring your perfect furniture fits your home

Before you invest in your perfect Milola corner sofa or Scandi solid wood dining table, it’s important to make sure you have the right space prepared for your furniture. We’ve developed a useful guide to help you accurately measure and assess your home for your new furniture delivery.

Step 1: Check the Individual Item Measurements 

Each of our online product descriptions contains an accurate measurement of the height, width and depth of the product, including any variations and extensions. This will help you to calculate how much space your furniture will take up, and make allowances for the amount of space around it you will need for walking, opening drawers, pulling out dining chairs etc.  

You can find more specific guidance in Step 3 where we evaluate space by room.

Step 2: Check and measure the access route

When preparing your home for a new item of furniture, it’s vital to not only make sure that you have enough space for the furniture in your chosen room, but also that there is sufficient access to the chosen room Many people do not think about this when buying furniture. From evaluating turns in stairs, to navigating narrow doorways and hallways, following this guide will help ensure you have considered all potential issues when bringing furniture into your house.


Measure the width of stairs allowing for handrails and over hanging lights. If the stairs have a turn on them, measure the turning area to ensure that longer items will get around horizontally or check ceiling height if moving on end.


Ensure that the narrowest part of your hallway is larger than the width of your furniture. Also check the entrances as It’s good to remember that if your furniture is higher than the door frame it can’t be deeper than the corridor, to allow it to fit through at an alternative angle.  


Measure the height and width of each doorway your furniture will pass through from edge-to-edge. If there is a sharp turn one side, check furniture will pass through at an angle too.


Consider the size of the opening and is there enough space to turn and fit furniture. The ceiling height in an elevator is typically lower than the other access areas so be sure to check this too.

Step 3: Check the space in the room

It is important that furniture looks in proportion with the room and also that you allow sufficient space around the furniture to not obstruct flow of the room and enable the furniture to be used to it's full potential e.g. when opening cupboard doors, pulling out sofa beds.

See below our complete list of key questions and watchouts for the different rooms in your home and garden:

Heaven Corner Sofa by Sits

If it’s a left facing sofa, the corner and the short edge are to your left when you’re facing the longest edge (not when you’re sitting on it). If it's a right its the opposite.

Firstly, if you live in an appartment consider the access from the car park up to your front door as well as the access within your appartment.
If you have a lift, typically the ceiling height is less than the height in the corridor (as standard this is typically 240cm in Switzerland).

We would normally advise no less than 80cm, however if there is a virtual corridor where people transition from one room to another then we would advise 100cm minimum.

This really depends on the size of your television, if too close to a large TV the viewing angle wont be comfortable, if too far away from a small television it can be hard too. Typically you would have a space of roughly 2m in a room 350cm wide.

One of our top tips would be to use masking tape (or alternatively low-tack tape used for decorating) to map out the area of the sofa or other items on your floor or carpet to help you to determine the space required for it in your room.

Your friends and family may think theyve entered a crime scene but it can really help you to understand if there is really enough space for everything you've planned.

Be sure to check the dimensions of the sofa-bed when extended into a bed, as well as allow space for someone to get out at the side or at the foot of the bed.

As this is often a temporary sleeping solution you don't need to allow quite as much space as a permanent bed, or alternatively make sure adjacent furniture can be moved slightly to accommodate when you need to deploy it as a bed.

Make sure these items have a finished back if they will be on show, ie solid wooden back so it's not unsightly, also if taller opt for an open back to allow light and give the feeling of space.

If backing against a sofa ensure the sideboard is lower than the sofa height.

FRANKLIN Solid Wood Rectangular Dining Table - Nordic Design - Kristensen Kristensen | Milola

You need to be able to pull the chairs out comfortably, we would as a rule recommend a minimum of 80cm. Take the measurements of your table top and add 80 to each side to give you a 'zone' where it should ideally be clear of obstruction.

The same logic applies as a fixed size dining table, however you also need to consider the size of the table when it's extended as well as it's at the smaller size.
Also, check if the extension goes in the centre, so if you have a 50cm extension leaf the length would increase by 25cm at each end. Alternatively, if you have an extension that attaches to one end then you only need an allowance of space of 50cm at the one end.

This really depends on the size and shape of the table, check with the manufacturer on their recommendation if in doubt.
Typically for round tables a 100-120cm will fit 4 people around comfortably, 130-150cm will be able to accommodate 6 comfortably and possibly 8 at the upper end all depending on how comfortable you are with your guests!

For rectangular tables, 140-180 you typically can fit 2 on the sides and one at each end, allowing for 6 diners. on 200-240cm you can fit 3 on each side and 1 at the end allowing for 8 diners.

Extendable tables are a good solutions allowing for space saving when there are less guests on an everyday basis, but accommodating more for special events.

Obviously this guidance depends on the size of the dining chairs, dining chairs with arms are naturally wider so this would need to be factored into any calculation.

Dining tables are typically around 72cm-75cm high to the surface from the floor.

It is also important to consider the height underneath if your chairs have arms and you want them to tuck right underneath the table when not in use.

If your table has an extending mechanism or is large, be sure to check that any mechanism or structure to help carry the weight is not blocking the chair from being pushed underneath completely.

One of our top tips would be to use masking tape (or alternatively low-tack tape used for decorating) to map out the area of the sofa or other items on your floor or carpet to help you to determine the space required for it in your room.

Your friends and family may think theyve entered a crime scene but it can really help you to understand if there is really enough space for everything you've planned.

The simple answer is yes, but there are some caveats...

Tables are normally one piece and solid wood, this can mean they weigh over 40kg and the larger ones 50kg -60kg. When manoeuvring something of this size make sure there are two people present in order to prevent any damage to the table top and importantly to you.

Ensure you have a flat floor area to lay the table surface side down in order to attach the legs.

When turning the table over do not pivot the table on the legs, lift it cleanly. Otherwise you risk damaging those legs irreparably.

Hand tighten screws otherwise you risk threading the screws stopping them from working effectively.


Map out the shape and size of your bed in masking tape on the floor to make sure you have enough space around it for any bedside tables, benches, chests of drawers or wardrobes that will be around your bed. You should also ensure that you have enough space around your bed to walk around it comfortably and climb in and out of the bed.

Do you need any under-bed storage? If you already have lots of storage in you room then it may not be necessary.

There are different depths of storage with Bolzan beds, a shallower one raised off the floor more or a deeper one which sits very close to the floor- offering more space.

If you have a smaller space it may be worth looking at a deeper storage bed that will accommodate more items, however if you have space elsewhere in another toom then a bed frame with the space underneath it can make a room feel more roomy.

Some wooden beds also offer the possibility of storage via drawers or even spare sleeping space.

Typically beds come disassembled to help overcome this challenge.

The headboard, footboard and side panels come in long but thin panels.
The slats can come as one piece or as two separate single slats that together make up the double- king size sleeping options.
The mattress is unable to come in tiny pieces but one option is to order two single mattresses (ideal if you two people who have different preferences) and then a topper can be used to mask the join.

So, despite the perception of a large item the parts can be broken down into packages that usually fit into most homes.

Another option if there is still a problem is to ask us for a quote to use external lifting services to deliver the room through a window or balcony directly into your home.

Beds like mattresses come in lots of different sizes and depths. These can also vary a lot by country, so be sure that yours is the same as the new bed your ordering.

If in doubt check out our handy size guide.

Check with us if you are unsure but we can also make custom size mattresses if needed.

Due to their size and weight bedframes do not arrive pre-assembled.

You will need some space in the room where it will be placed (larger than the beds footprint), to build the bed.

Yes, although we would recommend having two people present, especially when lifting/fitting the slats.

Depending on the bed and your proficiency, we would allow 1-2hrs for a bed installation.

Alternatively, we provide a montage service at the time of delivery where we build the bed and remove all packaging waste.

Display & Storage

Ensure you know the full size of your cabinets, sideboards, chests of drawers or storage units, including when all drawers are fully extended, cupboard doors are opened, and all drawer handles and knobs are attached.  

Solid wood display items are usually delivered pre-constructed. Which means upon delivery that legs will need to be attached, sometimes some additional trim that is attached to the legs and occasionally handles.

Items of non-solid wood construction or kids furniture often may need more construction as this can be shipped flat.

If in doubt please contact us.

This really depends on what the item will be dressed with or used for.

Bed side storage needs to be at a similar height to the top of the mattress.

TV units ideally want to be at a comfortable viewing height, so when you are sat watching TV, the centre of the screen is at eye height so you are not stretching your neck looking too much up or down.

For sideboards, consider if you will have decorative items placed on top or if a pendant light will be hanging over or a picture hung behind etc.

Delivery Day Checklist

  1. Upon delivery, our transport vans will need space to park outside your house, ideally as close to your entranceway as possible.  
  2. It’s important to remove any plant pots, bins or exterior ornaments that might block or obstruct the doorway to your home.  
  3. Measuring and prepping your spaces beforehand can ensure that our team can easily and efficiently bring your furniture into your home.  
  4. Clearing any items within the home that might obstruct our delivery team is also useful, and will prevent your items from being damaged or knocked.  

Any Further Questions?

If you have any more questions about your delivery, measuring your furniture or prepping your space, get in touch with our Milola team today by completing the form below or calling us on +41 (0)21 357 2876.