Extendable Dining Table


      In need of extra places, but don’t want your dining table to take up too much space? Then our extendable dining table range is perfect for you. We have both rectangular and round extendable dining table options in a range of sizes and styles. Contact us for bespoke options.

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      Why choose an extendable dining table?

      An extendable dining table is a practical choice for so many reasons. It allows you to adjust the size of your table to suit your needs. If you’re entertaining friends, you can extend the table to accommodate more people. On a daily basis you can keep the table smaller, which saves space.

      An extendable dining table is a worthwhile investment that can grow with your family. As your family grows or your needs changes, you can extend the table to accommodate more people and activities. 

      It’s key, when choosing an extendable table to pick one made of quality materials due to the constant expansion. At Milola, we only work with brands who use high quality materials such as solid wood and have sustainability at their heart.

      Rectangular vs round extendable dining table

      We have traditional rectangular shaped tables with expansion capabilities but we also stock a beautiful range of extendable round tables which creates a different feel to your dining space. With the smooth corners, a round dining table exudes effortless luxury, a perfect choice for any modern home.

      Overall, an extendable dining table is a practical and versatile piece of dining room furniture. Please contact us to discuss customisation requests as many of our styles are available in further sizes, colours, shapes and materials than what you see online.