HenryGlass is an all Italian glass door and wall system production company. Offering a range of framed and frameless glass doors with a near exhaustive range which spans transparent glass finishes all the way to patterned glass which can also be applied to the wall panels to create a seamless aesthetic. Additionally the range includes wooden finishes for both the door and wall systems. This versatile wall and door solution comes in a range of standard sizes but also supports the ability to create bespoke finishes tailored to meet your or your clients needs.

Vitra Line
Manhattan Line
Adela Line

Doors to suit your style:

Explore the expansive range of HenryGlass doors through these innovative designs, styles and installation options. Made in beautiful Italy, these inspired collections are designed for seamless integration into your home, with stunning finishes and custom fittings for that stunning final look.  

Vitra Line

The Vitra Line is a collection of minimalist doors, easily recognised by a perimeter of polished edge glass, providing smooth closing and an elegant finish.

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Manhattan Line 

The Manhattan Line is a collection of framed glass doors, designed for contemporary and international styles, innovatively created by Nicola Gallizia.

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Adela Line

The Adela Line is a collection of doors with a recessed frame, designed with a textured and chromatic combination for seamless integration and maximum flushness.

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Door systems designed for your space:

From Swing Doors to Sliding, the impressive range of HenryGlass doors allows for true customisation when it comes to your interior doors. With a selection of styles, designs and finished, your choice of door can fit perfectly into any space in your home.

Swing Door

A simple and stylish solution for enhancing your space, the Swing Door invites easy use and everyday accessibility without losing its aesthetic appeal. Available in a range of wooden and glass finishes, the Swing Door delivers a retro charm, with elegance and creativity built into every frame. 

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Sliding/ Pocket Door

Blending form with function, the Disappearing Sliding Door systems are crafted to reimagine the space within your home and create new ways of navigating your interior rooms. With a choice of rustic wood or elegant glass, your door is designed to suit your style and fit seamlessly into your home. 

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External Sliding Door

Set along integrated tracks, the External Sliding Doors are designed to bring visual focus and spacial sectioning to the forefront of the room, providing pure privacy for all occupants of the space. Neatly embedded into the existing style of the home, this innovative design can be utilised throughout the entire house. 

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Pivot Door

Embracing modernity and creativity, the Pivot Doors are a fresh take on the simple concept, inviting fluidity, movement and innovation to shine in your home. Installed on a pivot hinge, these elegant doors are positioned to move on a vertical axis, creating endless inspiration for room design and interior positioning. 

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Compliment your door with a Boiserie matching Wall System

Boiserie is a decoration technique that consists in covering the walls with panels in wood, glass, or other material to enhance and give them a strong personality. These decorative finishes can be designed to perfectly match your chosen door to give a discrete finish or in isolation to bring a stunning feature to your space.

Decorative Glass



HenryGlass Door and Wall Panel Inspiration

One of HenryGlass strengths is they have such a wide array of door and wall panel solutions, if you want to be inspired for your next project or space then see below:

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History of HenryGlass

HenryGlass is an Italian glass door production company based in Mansuè, in the province of Treviso - a city recognised for its art, Palladian architecture, Venetian magnificence and high-quality glass production. 



In 1988, Enrico Bazzichetto and Enrico Anzanello had the idea to revive the magic of Murano glass in the world of design and contemporary architecture: a vision that, over time, HenryGlass has turned into a reality. This research brought with it an authentic and recognisable style, with distinctive and unique collections: not merely glass doors, but the thrill of a door made from glass! Over time, the company has produced glass doors of great value which, in the areas where they are placed, become a primary architectural element that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment. 


Production and Value 

With an engineering department that is continuously working to study production systems and increasingly innovative and avant-garde installations, HenryGlass has several functional and decoration patents to its credit. Exclusive and discreet doorframes allow for the doors to be placed in any pre-existing aperture and enhance the contrast between the glass and materials of the surrounding environment. 

Working to deliver a model of environmental compatibility, the company, immersed in greenery, is surrounded by an uncontaminated landscape; from the large windows of the production plant in fact you can see the plain called Prà de Gai, an uncontaminated area in which the company has adapted itself. The production is carried out entirely within the company and customised according to the client’s specific requirements. The multiple offers provided by the product range catalogue are characterised by contemporary proposals that can satisfy any household or public area needs, from schools to hotels, from offices to hospitals. 

A Unique Designer Collection 

When art meets the artisan experience it creates a unique collection of designer doors, where the signatures of the great Italian masters come together in a stylish and refined catalogue which joins with a more traditional collection. 

The perfect combination of art and design, aesthetics and quality, form and function allows the ancient and exclusive Made in Italy craftsmanship to interact with the most current and advanced industrial technologies to achieve innovative and original creations. 

HenryGlass Today 

Today the HenryGlass objective is to consolidate the Italian market and beyond by strengthening the achievements already in hand, conquering new markets related particularly to contracting and high end products. It is with these goals that HenryGlass prepares itself to confront the challenges of the coming years: the rudder is in the hands of Andrea Bazzichetto, son of Enrico, one of the two founding partners, today Chairman and CEO of the group.