BOISERIE - Wood, Glass and Marble

Doors collection characterized by a frameless polished-edge where the glass is enhanced by its lightness and cleanliness. An essential aesthetic where functionality and design are perfectly balanced.

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The BOISERIE is a decoration technique that consists of covering the walls with panels ofwood, glass, and other materials to enhance the natura...
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The boiserie is used for three main reasons: the first is decorative, perhaps as a demonstration of a status, typical of a fine and sophisticated home. The second is to protect the walls, used in environments that require greater insulation, and the third is purely aesthetic, to give character to anonymous spaces or areas with very long or large walls.

The following materials can be used:


Options include Graphite Oak, Canaletto Walnut or Eucalyptus

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Such as lacquered, mirrored or decorated glass

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Using large-format ceramic slabs

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What door systems work within a boiserie wall?

The installation of a boiserie is often found to be the most appealing when it is combined with sliding or hinged doors that literally disappear in the repetition of the panels. Increasing or decreasing sequences of rectangular, square, horizontal or vertical lines creates an optical illusion that allows the observer to always be pleasantly surprised.

See below for door systems that can work seamlessly with a Boiserie aesthetic.

Swing Door

The full height hinge is seamlessly integrated within the space framework.

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Sliding/ Pocket Door

Installed onto standard frames eg Eclisse or HenryGlass proprietary tracks and frames

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External Sliding Door

The door slides externally on the wall on a visible or recessed track.

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Pivot Door

An invisible pivot hinge, centrally or offset allows the door to rotate on its own axis.

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Boiserie Inspiration

If you have a space and looking for inspiration that review the below ideas or Contact Us and we can help you realise your dream space.

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