Round Dining Table

Round Dining Table


      We personally love a round dining table, as everyone is equal at the table and conversation is that little bit easier. At Milola, we have a wide variety of sizes from small to large round dining tables. Many of our round tables are also extendable, forming an elegant oval dining table when expanded. Explore the options below and contact us to discuss your bespoke options.

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      There are so many benefits of choosing a round dining table over a traditional rectangular or square table. Round dining tables create a more intimate dining experience because all guests are facing each other, facilitating better conversation. If space-saving is key in your home, a round extendable dining table is a fantastic option. Round tables take up less space making them a great choice for smaller dining areas or open plan living spaces. The extendable features allows you to close and expand the dining table when necessary.

      Oval Dining Tables

      Oval Dining Tables are a unique design option for any dining room. The curved shape of an oval dining table can create a softer, more inviting look. Our extendable round tables when expanded also create an oval shape, meaning you get the option of both a round and oval table in one.

      Round Wood Tables   

      Although our round dining tables are available in a wide variety of materials, a firm favourite is the Scandi-inspired round wood tables. With beautiful oak options, you can really elevate your dining space with a gorgeous designer dining table.

      Customise your round table

      Create your very own bespoke dining table at Milola. Choose the style, size, shape, material and colour that best fits your interior style. Contact our team who would be more than happy to discuss all your customization options.