Our Guide: Finding The Perfect Bed For Your Perfect Sleep

There’s nothing better than sinking into the perfect bed after a long day, feeling the perfect thickness of the pillows beneath your head, the supportiveness of the mattress, the cosy thickness of the duvet and the comfortable headboard just centimetres away for some relaxed reading before bed. 

Universally it’s agreed that our beds are one of our most prized possessions, yet when it comes to choosing the right bed for our sleeping spaces, it can be quite a complex process. From  box springs  to  storage beds  and  stacking beds  to  bunk beds , the world of bed choices has evolved over time, and there’s so many decisions that need to be made before your perfect bed can be found. 

Do you need underbed storage? Which material will work in your space? What colour? How big? How deep is your mattress?

In our guide, we’ll help you figure out the plan for your perfect bed, exploring the different sizing options from around the world, highlighting the most important elements of a cohesive bedroom space and explaining the importance of a great quality bed frame.

Firstly, who is sleeping in the bed?

The people who are using the bed can be a huge factor in deciding how to choose your perfect bed, whether we share with a partner, a pet, young children or the bed is for guests. Understanding the room required to comfortably sleep all, without any dangling arms or hogged duvet covers, is essential for selecting the right size frame and mattress for you. 

It’s also important to identify how you sleep as well; are you prone to fidgeting in your sleep, do you and your partner need space to get comfortable, or does the family dog like to wedge itself between you just as you’re about to drift off?

The perfect bed will accommodate all your sleep routines, ideally supporting your sleep whilst leaving enough room for comfortable movement and stretching.

Our mini guide to the different bed sizes can help you figure out which measurement will make the most sense for you: 

  • 90x200cm – Single Bed for 1 Person – Ideally suited for a child’s bedroom or a twin room 
  • 120x200cm – Larger Single Bed for 1 Person – Often chosen for an older child’s room where space permits
  • 140x200cm – Small Double Bed for 2 People - Suitable for small or guest bedrooms but will only offer 70cm of space per person if sharing as a pair. If you have the space, we recommend going a little bit larger, or some people also opt for this size mattress for a teenage room.
  • 160x200cm – A common size for a couple, but does not leave much room if you get frequent night-time visits from your children
  • 180x200cm – Recommended size for a couple if you have the space and budget, as this will give you enough room to stretch out without feeling too squashed with children or pets in the bed too. 
  • 2 x (80 or 90cm x 200cm) - Another increasingly popular option is to split a larger mattress into two separate mattresses, this means if one of you suffers from restless sleep you are less prone to disturbing the other. Also, a great option if you have different preferences for firmness or softness of your mattress) as both occupants can choose a mattress customised to their needs. If you are worried about a physical divide between the two, a well-placed topper can mask any join. 

How big is your bedroom?

The space in your bedroom can make all the difference when it comes to planning your dream bed. Considering any  bedside tables , benches, alcoves, doorways and additional furniture, it’s important to measure the space you have available to bring your bed into the room and comfortably navigate around it when fully assembled. We would advise that you allow at least 75cm to the side of your bed for access, which will also cater for any bedside table too.

As you measure, map out your daily routines – do you always get out of bed on the same side each morning? How close is your bed to any swinging doors or  wardrobes ? Do you tend to roll over in your sleep, or sit up abruptly in the night? Would your head hit any low hanging shelves when you sit up? If you do have sloping ceilings then one way to maximise the space is to have the headboard at the lowest point of the slope, as you are normally bending down to get into bed or sitting in bed, thus you can often get away with less headroom whilst maximising all the space in the room.

The depth, height and size of your headboard is equally important, as this will need to fit easily into place as well, without knocking into any picture frames, shelves, tables or light fixtures. One helpful reminder is the size of the bed is not always the same as the size of the mattress, once you consider the side panels and potential for an oversized headboards, it’s possible for a headboard and frame to add 30-40cm to the width and length of the mattress. 

How do mattress sizes differ in Switzerland?

Whilst bed and mattress sizes around the world might vary, in Switzerland, the naming conventions known in other locations like the UK & US, which includes Double, Queen and King are replaced with exact measurements and sizes – making it easier for you to plan your space accordingly. 

If you’ve brought bedding from another country, remember that sizes can differ so if you change your mattress then you may also need to change your bedding. That said we can also produce beds to the standard sizes of other countries, so if you need a specific size let us know.

How big is your budget?

Whilst we can’t understate the importance of a comfortable and well-constructed bed, it’s important to make sure your perfect bed will fit into your defined budget. The price of your bedframe depends on different elements, from the size, brand, materials used, plus any additional features such as storage, drawers, attached tables and decorative elements. 

Wooden bed  frames, for example, can be more expensive due to the price of the natural materials, however they remain a popular choice due to their solid construction and aesthetic appeal. The cost can also vary between different wood types too, so it’s important to evaluate each material to find the right one for both your style and your budget. 

For some beds it’s possible to choose between Ash, Oak and Walnut, not only offering different aesthetics but also catering for different budgets too. 

Finally, function

Sleep, rest, recuperation and relaxation – the core functions of your dream bed. But beyond that, what else could your bed offer you? Our range of multipurpose  storage beds  can offer additional space and storage within the frame itself, keeping your space clean and organised, without sacrificing style and aesthetic. 

Our  stacking beds  are also a useful investment for those with children or frequent guests – being easily tucked away for simple storage, and easily brought out for sleepovers and stays. Our  Lifetime Kids Beds , in particular, offer more than just a good night’s sleep and have been constructed to form interactive play spaces, towers, desks and creative areas. The range of play opportunities can vary from bed to bed, allowing your kids to enjoy playtime and fun in the comfort of their own rooms.  

Even the bedroom accessories you select can have multiple purposes too, such as the  ARES Bedside Table  which can be selected with a USB charger and Bluetooth speaker. The  FLAG Poufs  have optional tables and clothing hangers provided, and the  SLIM Bedside Table  can be fitted directly onto your bed for easy access and space saving measures. 

At Milola, we believe the ‘perfect bed’ is one that works for you, fits into your budget, looks great, and delivers on the promise of comfort and support throughout the night. Your bed should enhance your space and create a calm, restful zone of sleep and restoration, and our collection of designer beds is here to help. 

Take a look at  our collection  today and let us guide you through our range, helping you discover your dream bed with Milola.  

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