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Corner sofas, also known as L-shaped sofas offer a practical and stylish solution for maximising space in your home. The L-shaped design allows for efficient use of corners, making it ideal for smaller or uniquely shaped rooms. Beyond its space-saving benefits, a corner sofa provides flexibility with customisable configurations, accommodating various seating arrangements to suit your individual preferences. The comfort, visual appeal, and ability to define separate areas within an open plan space make the corner sofa a popular choice for both functionality and aesthetics in home decor. 

If you’ve decided that a corner sofa is right for you, there are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the correct model, configuration and size to ensure that you make the perfect choice for your living space. To help you make this decision, we’ve put together this complete buying guide, containing everything you need to know about choosing the perfect corner sofa for your home. 

What are the different types of corner sofas?

L-shaped corner sofa

L in shape, with a backrest on the extended side. This traditional corner sofa shape maximises seating capacity. 

L-shaped chaise longue sofa 

This style is similar to the L-shaped corner sofa but does not have a backrest on the extended module, just an armrest. This is a great option if you want a lounging element to your sofa. The chaise lounge sofa also tends to be slightly shorter on the extended side, making it a great choice for smaller living spaces.

L-shaped corner sofa:

L-shaped chaise longue sofa: 


Symmetrical corner sofa

This is similar to the traditional L-shaped corner sofa but with both sides of equal length.

U-shaped corner sofa

If you're looking for a large corner sofa for the family or entertaining friends, then the U-shaped sofa is a great option, with two corners rather than the traditional single corner.

Modular/sectional corner sofa

If you're looking to make a real statement with your new sofa as well as maintain versatility, then a modular or sectional corner sofa is a great choice. This allows you to customise your sofa into lots of different configurations. 

Symmetrical corner sofa:

U-shaped corner sofa: 


Modular/sectional corner sofa:


Where is the best position for a corner sofa?

Room placement is a real consideration for your corner sofa and will determine the style you end up choosing.

Corner sofas, as the name suggests, work really well in smaller spaces, placed in the corner of the room. This maximises the efficiency of space in your home. However, this isn’t the only option. In modern, open-plan homes we tend to see more use of corner sofas as a room divider, perhaps separating the living and dining areas. Consider which option best suits your needs as this will determine the best shaped sofa for your room.  

When looking at your living space, consider the size of the sofa in relation to the rest of your furniture, particularly the length of both long sides to check there is sufficient space within the room. Circulation around your sofa is important, so leaving ample space to be able to get around is key. 

If you are opting for a sofa that separates the room into functional spaces, you will need to think about how the sofa looks from the back. If the sofa is placed against the wall, the visual appeal from the back is not so important but you may need to consider the height of the sofa in case there are windows or radiators. Note down these measurements if relevant. 

Should you choose a right or left corner sofa?

If you are opting for an L-shaped corner sofa, chaise longue or symmetrical corner sofa then you will need to decide whether to go for a left or right facing sofa. This decision depends on the layout of your room and your personal preferences.  

When you look at the sofa from the front, a left facing has the corner or chaise longue on the left and a right facing has the corner or chaise longue on the right.

Left-facing corner sofa:

Right-facing corner sofa: 


Examine the layout of your room and identify the available space for your new sofa. Determine which side of the sofa would best fit into the designated corner, if placed against the wall, while allowing for smooth flow in the room. If your sofa will be in the middle of the room, look at whether left or right-facing will be more visually appealing.   

Ultimately, there's no strict rule on whether a right or left-facing corner sofa is better—it depends on your room layout and personal preferences. Take measurements, visualise how the sofa will fit into your space, and choose the orientation that aligns with both the practical and aesthetic aspects of your room design. 

How to measure for a corner sofa

The priority when considering a corner sofa is making sure it fits in both your living room and through the front door! You’ll therefore need to take note of a few measurements:

How to measure your corner sofa - Milola

Measuring the room

You’ll need to take measurements of the maximum length, height and depth that your sofa could be, taking into consideration the left or right hand facing extended elements. 

Our top tip is to use masking tape to map out the sofa on the floor to ensure the sofa will fit and leave enough room for traffic flow. 

Getting into your house/room

  • Doors – open any doors that the sofa will need to get through to their widest point. Measure between the outer edge of the door and the inner edge of the door frame at the narrowest point.  
  • Stairs/lifts/hallways - consider any areas the sofa will need to pass through and measure the width at the narrowest point. For lifts you will need to measure height, width and depth of the lift to see if the sofa will fit.  

Seat Proportions

A sizing consideration that is often overlooked is the depth of the seat. As a general rule, anything over 60cm is more casual/loungy. Anything below gives a more upright, seated position. Think about which style you might prefer.

PETRA Sofa - Seat depth of 59cm:

EDDA Sofa - Seat depth of 70cm:


Also consider the seat height when shopping for your new sofa. You have low-to-the-ground, sleek options or more traditional, higher sofas that are easier to get in and out of. 

Armed with these measurements and the style of corner sofa you’re considering, the Milola team can help you choose the best configuration for your space and importantly ensure the sofa will fit comfortably into your home. 

About Milola

Our designer corner sofas at Milola are brought to you by SITS Furniture who have over 30 years of experience creating stylish and comfortable sofas. There is a strong commitment to quality, whether it’s in the choice of materials or the production process, ensuring a sofa that is built to last a lifetime. With over 500 different fabrics, modular sofa systems, different choices of feet, seat comforts, and types of cover fixings, we can help you create a sofa that perfectly meets your needs in terms of size and look. 

Book an appointment at our boutique showroom in Blonay, Vaud to see some of our sofas, discuss different styles, and sample the wide range of fabrics available. If you’re not local to Vaud, we also offer video consultations to discuss your requirements and are happy to send out free fabric samples by post. 

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