Embrace Hygge: Creating Your Perfect Scandi Living Room

If you're anything like me, there are sometimes living rooms that you walk into and the whole space feels serene, cosy and somewhere you just want to spend time and relax. Scandinavian design encapsulates this aesthetic, think of tranquil evenings in a Scandinavian living room and you picture soft, plush textiles, clean lines and the warmth of a roaring fire. This tranquil space epitomises the Danish concept of Hygge.


Hygge is more than a design aesthetic; it's a lifestyle. 

This philosophy stems from the depths of cold, snowy Scandinavian winters, its essence cradles comfort, togetherness, and an immense appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.

What is Hygge? What does it mean for a Scandi living room design?

At its core, Hygge (pronounced "hoo-ga") is a reverential term derived from a Norwegian word meaning "well-being." It encapsulates a philosophy centred around creating warmth, connection, and contentment within one's environment. This is why you will find the use of natural materials in Scandinavian design, embracing the beauty of what mother nature provides locally eg woods, stones. 

Embracing Hygge means fostering a spirit that supports the gentle art of living well, where every element contributes to an atmosphere of serene comfort, focusing on the quality of presence and pleasure in the simplicity of the moment. It is this simplicity which influences the design of the spaces and the objects and materials that are used within, all coming together to create a relaxing space.

How to create your perfect Hygge living room

A Hygge living room is a sanctuary of tranquility— a harmonious blend of comfort and minimalist chic that invites peaceful reflection and togetherness.


This living room scene pictured, perfectly encapsulates this idea, taking soft colours in the Britt sofa, rich textures, natural materials including wood and nature and bringing them together.


If you are looking to implement some Scandinavian Hygge design philosophy in your home, then read on as we explore some ideas and inspiration to help you on your journey to a Nordic-style living room.

Calming tones - stick to a neutral colour palette

Adopting a neutral colour palette is fundamental in cultivating a serene Scandi atmosphere. Its supremacy lies in the ability to emit calmness, providing a visual rest from the clamour of vibrant hues.


The allure of soft greys, gentle beiges, and the myriad shades of white lies in their ability to foster a sense of spaciousness and light. These hues manifest Scandi design's affinity for simplicity, reflections of nature’s own subdued palette, and setting the stage for a room that feels airy and open. Such a deliberate choice of colours conveys an ethos of tranquility, where the eye can serenely wander without interruption.


Moreover, these muted tones serve as a flawless backdrop that allows textures and shapes within the room to come to the fore. By minimizing the use of strong colours, every curated piece of furniture or décor becomes a statement, exhibiting a subtle interplay of shadows and light that enlivens the room without overstimulation. 

In effect, a palette restricted to neutral colours is not merely a visual choice but a strategic one, creating a canvas on which the finer details of craftsmanship and design can shine through allowing your natural oak furniture to really come to the fore. It's this meticulous curation of tones that lays the foundation for a Hygge space, where cosy textures and nuanced accents elevate the room, creating a haven of warmth that is both open and inviting.

Add texture to your Scandi living room

In the realm of Scandi design, texture plays a pivotal role, providing layers of tactile pleasure that enhance the sensory experience of the space. Incorporating boucle textiles, with their distinctive looped yarns, can add an intriguing touch to the serene Scandi palette.


Comfort is paramount in Scandinavian interiors, and this is embodied through the use of sumptuous throws and plush cushions. These elements act as an invitation to sit down, unwind, and immerse oneself on your Hygge sofa surrounded by the comfortable ambience that Scandi design aspires to.

Furthermore, adding textured elements such as throws and rugs introduces an element of practical warmth. During the colder months, here in Switzerland these items become not just aesthetic decor but indispensable components of domestic comfort, perfect for a cosy night on the sofa. They serve to insulate the space while providing a soft groundwork that complements the minimalist design ethos.

Modern clean lines

The quintessence of Scandi style lies in its devotion to simplicity and functionality, with furniture showcasing minimal ornamentation, relying instead on pure form and proportion. In a Scandi style living room, every piece is selected with purpose, ensuring that each contributes both functionally and aesthetically.


Clean lines impart a sense of calm and order to the living space, amplifying its tranquility. Pieces are free from clutter and embellishments, which underscores their elegance.

Opting for Scandi living room furniture with softened edges enhances the room’s welcoming ambiance. Such design choices (ergonomically favourable and visually appealing) foster a calm environment.


Each item's silhouette should evoke a sense of purposeful design, with attention to detail evident in the seamless integration of function and style. Even the joinery is often expressed subtly, reinforcing the minimalist philosophy.

Ultimately, it is the coherence of these design elements—clean lines and gentle curves—that fulfils a room’s Scandi aesthetic. Such meticulous attention to form and space is what sets apart the most harmonious hygge living quarters.

Soft lighting

Properly selected lighting is key to a restful atmosphere. Delicate light sources, such as linen-shaded lamps and hand-crafted candles, offer a gentle illumination that fosters a sense of tranquillity. In the Scandi tradition, the aim is to create soft pools of light rather than intense illumination, replicating the natural glow of the Scandinavian sun at dusk.


Strategically arrange lighting to enhance comfort and ambiance. Consider lamps that emit diffused, warm-toned light, creating inviting nooks within the living space. It's about crafting an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sociability.


The choices are extensive, yet intimate in their effect. Refined ceramic bases paired with understated lampshades harmonize with the minimalist design principles, reflecting a sophisticated yet unobtrusive presence in the living area. Picking eco-friendly LED options will also align with both modern sensibilities and sustainability trends anticipated for the current year.

Bring the outside in

In Scandinavian design, the incorporation of natural elements is essential to achieving a sense of harmony and peace. Wood, stone, and greenery are interwoven throughout the living space to create a seamless connection with nature.


Within this ethos, wood features prominently, displaying its grain and texture as a testament to the living forest. It's not uncommon to find furniture pieces, such as coffee tables or shelving, crafted from untreated or lightly stained timber.


Additionally, stone elements, whether in the form of polished granite countertops or unrefined slate accents, inject a tactile quality that complements the organic wood components.


Plants, too, play a strategic role in uniting indoors with the outdoors. Interspersed throughout the room are potted greenery, from the resilient snake plant to verdant ferns, which purify the air and add splashes of vibrant colour. These living accents contribute to an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and psychologically uplifting.


Inclusion of these elements promotes a tranquil ambiance, conducive to the quiet contemplation characteristic of Scandinavian living. 

Top Hygge living room ideas from Milola

How can you bring this Hygge ethos to your space?

If you're inspired by this article but still considering how you can bring this to life in your Living Room or elsewhere in the home, then please reach out and we can help you select the right products to suit your home or space.

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