4 of the Best Sofa Beds: Comfy, High Quality & Stylish

Sleeper sofas, also known as sofa beds have come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of compromising on looks, quality and comfort in order to squeeze that additional guest bed into your home. 

But with so many options on the market for sofa beds in Switzerland, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Here we present our pick of 4 of the best by two quality designer furniture brands: Bolzan Letti and SITS.

1. FLY - Bolzan Letti

Modern, stylish, impactful. Say hello to FLY.

Fly Sofa Bed - Bolzan Letti | Milola Switzerland

Like soaring wings, the backrest and armrests of the FLY by Bolzan Letti inspire a sense of lightness and dynamism, creating a pleasant contrast to the volume of the base. Freely positionable, the soft seat cushions ensure comfort is at the heart of this stylish day bed sofa, while the tailored stitching adds a touch of refined craftsmanship.

As with all Bolzan Letti sleeper sofas, this model is available in different sizes and types to suit any furnishing scenario.

The duo mechanism of the FLY means it seamlessly transforms into a comfortable double guest bed in seconds. Simply pull out the drawer and lift the base:

2. BIBA - Bolzan Letti

Timeless, friendly and cosy - BIBA is the ideal solution for any home.

Biba Sofa Bed - Bolzan Letti | Milola Switzerland

With Bolzan's BIBA, the style is so timeless it will fit into any room. With a gentle combination of textures and colours as well as beautifully rounded edges, this high quality sofa bed would also be an ideal solution for hotels and other hospitality facilities.

Using an automatic pull-out mechanism, with a few quick movements it takes just seconds to transform BIBA into two comfortable extra guest beds:

BIBA Sofa Bed - Milola Switzerland

3. LINE - Bolzan Letti

Minimalistic, versatile, contemporary. That's how we'd describe the beautiful LINE sofa bed.

Line Sofa Bed - Bolzan Letti, Milola Switzerland

The design of the LINE model by the masters at Bolzan Letti allows your living space to be experienced in comfort and elegance, day and night. Distinguished by an almost minimalist design, LINE is available in different sizes and configurations to harmonise with any space and requirement. A special feature with LINE is that you can even create a corner sofa bed by adding side panels to the design. With high-quality fabrics and handcrafted finishes, Bolzan quality is reflected in every detail.

Using an automatic pull-out mechanism like BIBA above, it takes just a few simple steps to transform LINE into a single or double bed, expressing a perfect synthesis of functionality and style.


Simple, classic, practical - for those who appreciate the beauty of straight lines.

Felix Sofa Bed - SITS - Milola Switzerland

The FELIX 3 or 4 seater is designed with both ideal proportions and ideal practicality. This is the pull out bed for those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics. FELIX uses a traditional pull out mechanism (shown below) meaning you sleep perpendicular to the sofa, using the back of the sofa as a headboard. 

FELIX sofa bed mechanism - Milola Switzerland

One thing to bear in mind with this pull out mechanism is that you will require a little more space in front of the sofa for the extended bed, but the length of your sofa (3 or 4 seater) will not be determined by how tall your friends are!

All of SITS sofas come in different sizes and configurations. With over 500 different fabrics and a range of leathers, many different choices of feet, seat comforts and types of cover fixings (e.g. fixed, removable) you can really create a sleeper sofa that completely meets your needs.

At Milola, we offer both Bolzan and SITS designer sofa beds in a range of colours, sizes and mechanisms. Speak to our team today for a no obligation chat to explore your options and find a sofa bed that puts style, quality and comfort at its core.

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