3 Reasons to Consider a Round/Oval Dining Table for your Home

A dining table is an important statement piece to any living space and should not only fit the needs of your environment, but your own personal needs as well. From hosting the family Christmas dinner to browsing your laptop for new decor, a dining table is more than a simple piece of furniture. Rectangular tables are often people’s first choice, but why not try something different and consider a round or even oval dining table?

1. Encourages conversations

A round dining table allows for a more intimate feel than rectangular tables and facilitates conversation since everyone can see and speak to each other. There’s no ’head‘ of the table which allows for a much more informal atmosphere.

If you are looking to create an inviting and intimate feel to your dining space, a round table may just be what you need! 

Our MONOGRAM round wood table is on of our all time favourites. Not only is it available in 7 beautiful shades ranging from white oiled to black matt lacquered oak, it’s perfect for those family get togethers as it is also extendable! Round tables are typically more forgiving in any case when it comes to adding an extra chair, but sometimes we just need much more space and the MONOGRAM table can be extended by up to 200cm if you desire!

If an extendable table is what you are after, you can read more about both rectangular and round extendable dining tables in our recent blog.


2. Greater accessibility and flow 

Having to stop someone mid-conversation to ask them to pass you the salt, is never ideal. With a round dining table, no need to worry, as all items are much more central on the table. That’s why round kitchen tables are also great for those family board game nights!

A great feature, particularly if you have young children, is that the curved edge of a round table is much safer than rectangular or square tables. This absence of edges also offers an airy ambiance which ensures free movement around the room. People can more easily sit or leave a round dining table without interrupting others and whilst seating an odd number of guests around a rectangular dining table can be a little troublesome, this is not the case with a round table.

The THOR Round Dining Table by CASØ is a must have if you are looking for a light and welcoming table. Available in four different colours to ensure it will suit any home!

3. Space optimisation 

Round dining tables possess a small footprint and therefore take up quite a bit less space compared to their rectangular counterparts. They also often come with a singular centre base which offers more leg space, meaning everyone will sit more comfortably (even if an extra seat is added).

However, if space optimisation is not a concern, why not go wild and opt for an oval dining table instead. These statement tables offer a similar surface size as rectangular dining tables but still provide that light and airy feel that you get with a round table.

The OOID oval dining table by DanForm is elegant, stylish and would make for a great statement piece in a large home. The beveled edges and rounded legs offer a softer look and the tabletop is available in Oak, Walnut and Black stained.

Danform Ooid Oval Dining Table | Milola | Switzerland

So there we have it, 3 reasons to consider a round or oval dining table over the more traditional rectangular shape. Take some time to browse our range of round dining tables online. All are completely customizable to suit your home and individual style. Speak to Charlotte today on 0791558719, or email her at
info@milola.ch for our full range of options or to book a visit to the showroom in Blonay, Vaud.

We’ll leave you with a final sneak peek of a Kristensen Kristensen custom oval dining table we recently curated for one of our lovely customers:

Custom Oval Dining Table | Milola | Switzerland

And if you’re also looking for dining chairs to complement your new table, read our full guide on choosing the perfect dining chairs for your home.

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