Autumn 2021 Interior Trends

We can't believe Autumn is already here. It's been a strange summer with a distinct lack of hot, sunny days and complicated travel plans, but we are looking forward to creating a cosy haven as the nights start to draw in and we spend more time indoors. We share with you here the latest furniture design and interior trends to turn your home into a Autumn sanctuary.

Terracotta Sofa - Autumn Trends 2021 | Milola

1. Warm, earthy autumn tones

Think muted terracotta, olive and clay tones which promote a sense of calm. A common misconception is to create a colour theme through large pieces of furniture but plants, wall art and soft furnishings are an effective way to achieve this autumn transformation and are much easier to change with the seasons. That said, we do love the SITs Teddy sofa above in cognac.

2. Natural Materials and Finishes

Marble Coffee Table | Autumn Trends 2021 | Milola CH
Over the summer there has been a trend to take the indoors out, whilst now we have turned to taking the outdoors in, through the introduction of natural materials such as wood, stone, plants, wicker and ceramic. Using two different types of natural materials can provide a contrast in texture and pattern, which is on-trend right now. Think wood paired with quartzite or marble or ceramic paired with metal or concrete. Steve Bristow Furniture specialise in working with stone and metal and have stunning dining tables and coffee tables, such as the above Melbourne Coffee and Side Tables in Nero Marquina marble with gold metal legs and detailing. At Milola we have created some exquisite custom coffee tables in marble working in partnership with UK-based Steve Bristow Furniture. 

3. Cosy Fabrics and Soft Textures

Glam Dining Chair | Comfortable Dining Chairs | Milola CH

If want to create a sophisticated and chic feel whilst still being cosy, amp up the soft fabrics and natural textures. For example a woven pouf, wool blanket or rug. Boucle furniture also continues to be big and can bring added texture into a neutral colour palette. We have a new range of Boucle fabrics coming out soon as shown in the above Glam chair in Pebble Earth.

 4. Round Shapes meet Straight Lines

2021 is a year of contrasts in the world of interiors with soft meeting hard, and minimal meeting heavily textured and now straight is meeting round. A rounded coffee table or vase looks great paired with other simple, straight-lined furniture as shown above with the angular Flex Sideboard and circular vases.

Wood Sideboard | Autumn Interior Trends 2021 | Milola CH

5. Scents and Light

Smell and sight has a massive influence on how we feel so if you wanting to feel relaxed and cosy bring in some mood lighting with table, floor lamps or other accent lighting e.g. above art, under shelves. Candles are also great as they not only provide mood lighting but can also be scented. Essential oil diffusers are also increasing in popularity.

We hope these ideas help you to start to make the shift from balmy summer nights to cosy days inside.


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