Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

Many people spend a lot of time planning their indoor dining and living areas, but the same level of attention is rarely given to their outdoor space. However, with more time being spent outdoors (for obvious reasons) and the availability of better outdoor furniture, this is quickly changing.  People are starting to want the same level of quality and comfort outdoors as indoors.

We will share with you here some top outdoor furniture trends for 2021, which we hope will help you to find the right pieces for you and give you inspiration to create the look and ambiance you want, whether it be on your balcony, terrace, next to the pool or within the garden.

1. Outdoor Lounges

Battleford modular outdoor sofa with coffee and side tables and carpet

Whilst outdoor sofas have been around for a long time, the outdoor lounge is becoming more and more sophisticated with modular options to fit any space, all-weather cushions that can be left out in the rain and clever accessories and soft furnishings that make the space feel more like a living room than a terrace.

Many outdoor sofas are now modular so you can create your ideal set up depending on the size of your space and style you are looking for, whether it be a large or small outdoor corner sofa, two 2 or 3-seater outdoor sofas facing each other, or a 3-seater sofa with a couple of outdoor lounge chairs.  For larger spaces, zone your space using the different modules and break these up using coffee and side tables as shown here with Brafab's Battleford sofa. Finish the look with some scatter cushions, an outdoor carpet, cosy blankets and coffee table accessories, such as vases or baskets.

Savona Outdoor Sofa by Suns in white aluminium with green cushions

I don't know about you, but we find one of the most annoying things about outdoor sofas is having to bring the cushions in when it rains.  With advances in smart textiles this no longer has to be the case.  For example, with Sun's luxurious weather-proof Sunbrella fabric and quick dry foam, the Savona Sofa can be left outside all year round. 

Brafab Gonesse Outdoor Sofa in grey shown in sunlounger configuration



Last but not least, we are seeing outdoor sofas which are much more multi-functional, for example those which can converted into daybeds, such as Brafab's Gonesse sofa, which can be quickly configured from an outdoor corner sofa into a sunlounger; perfect for that afternoon nap or for sunbathing.

 2. Ambient lighting

Suns Kate Solar powered teak outdoor lanterns

Lighting is one of the most important factors influencing how a space makes you feel and you don't necessarily need to have electrics to create the look you are after.  The key is to try and highlight spaces where you want the eye to be drawn -  for example, a string of lights in a pretty tree or lanterns up the garden path.

Of course, accent lighting can be created with the traditional candle, but there are some fantastic solar light options available now in the form of string lights or lanterns such as these elegant Kate lamps which work on solar energy and provide light for up to 18 hours.  The light intensity can be adjusted with three settings and on cloudy days they can be recharged using the USB-C cable. 

3. Outdoor Fire Pit

Gas outdoor fire pit integrated into Brafab's Vario Outdoor teak bar table

Very popular for 2021 is the outdoor fire pit, which not only creates accent lighting but also warmth, extending the amount of time you can spend outside. You can buy wood burning fire pits, but these take time to set up and are pretty smoky for your neighbours so why not opt for a gas version, which can be easily turned on or off as you require.

There are some great natural looking gas firepits now available with imitation logs and even those that are integrated into your bar or dining table, such as the Suns Vario Bar or Dining Table.

 4. Natural materials

Teak Outdoor Table

Wood has made a big come back when it comes to outdoor furniture because it not only creates a warm natural look, but is also one of the most durable materials. With it being a living material each piece of outdoor furniture is also unique. 

Suns Stockholm Teak outdoor dining table with grey aluminium frame and matching outdoor benchIf you take good care of your wooden outdoor furniture, it can often be passed down the generations and becomes even more beautiful with time.  Teak is the most popular when it comes to dining tables and you can create different looks by combining it with robust stainless steel or industrial aluminium and romantic wicker, as shown here in Suns Stockholm Dining Table

5. Rattan and Wicker Outdoor Furniture 

Brafab Kebira Rattan Chairs

Rattan and wicker outdoor furniture are often thought of as old fashioned, but with the revival of the crafts both are having a moment and can create a natural looking, comfortable and inviting space. Paired with the right accessories and other materials such as teak and aluminium, a contemporary look can also be created, as shown here with the Kebira rattan chairs.  High quality synthetic rattan outdoor furniture is a popular choice because unlike natural rattan it withstands all-weather and frequent use. 

6. Outdoor Kitchen

Brafab Coldstream black aluminium outdoor kitchen

The outdoor grill doesn't seem to cut it any more with more and more people opting for fully equipped outdoor kitchens.

It is not only functional, but acts as a social hub where people gather to prep and cook food and enjoy an apero together.  A sink (simply connected to your garden hose), as well as a worktop and storage space is a must as shown in the Coldstream Outdoor Kitchen.  Some are also on wheels so you can move them around depending whether you are serving drinks on the terrace or stoking the bbq. 

7. Pops of colour

Brafab Nimes Outdoor Dining Table in kharki shown with Brafab Delia outdoor dining chairs in moss green, burnt paprika and kharkiThe outdoors is great place to experiment with colour - you can be a little bolder and more adventurous and colour can really add interest and style to your space.  This has been made easier in recent years with the introduction of powder coated aluminium furniture and a greater variety of cushion covers. Why not place dining chairs in different colours around the dining table as shown here with Brafab's Nimes Dining Set or opt for a colourful bistro table on the balcony.  If you would prefer to keep things more subtle and easier to change, opt for coloured cushions and throws against the backdrop of more neutral coloured furniture.
We hope this has inspired you to upgrade your outdoor space.  All products featured here are available to buy at Milola and if you need any advice about the best products for you whether it is the size, material or colour please contact us and we will be more than happy to talk through options. 
Contact us at info@milola.ch or on 079 155 87 19.
Back of Suns Stockholm Outdoor Sofa in Orange showing teak cushion fixings




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