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As a parent you often enter your kid's bedroom, yelp as you stand on tiny Lego pieces before you realise the entire floor is covered in clothing, toys, or worse, snacks from the previous day! Our initial urge is to create a space of order and function, at the same time we dream of creating that place which allows our little ones imagination to run wild, where robots are real and dolls and action figures collectively have a picnic. The good news is these two worlds can co-exist and why at Milola we love working with Lifetime Kids, a leading brand of kids' furniture. Together we will show you how you can create a space which both parents and children love!


Let's start with the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom - the bed. Beds should be not only be comfortable, but also fun. From bunk beds to loft beds, their designs are both stylish and practical. Imagine the joy on your child's face as they climb up to their very own Hideout or Play Tower every night. These beds are not only a place to sleep, but also a place to dream and play. The great news is, when playtime is over there's space to store toys away neatly. Most beds come with the option to add a storage drawer under the bed, and beds with stepladders, include box storage in each of the steps. For example, see the Semi-High Bed with Stepladder.

For older kids why not explore options where they can relax with friends, chill with their mobile devices, as well as sleep. The Cabin Bed is a great solution, offering optional features where kids can store their books or mobile, or shelves for lights to assist reading into the early hours, Another option is to use the space under the bed for a spare bed for when their friends want to stay over, as seen here.

If space is tight, high beds or bunk beds can be a good option as they free up space for additional beds, like on the Bunk Bed and Family Bunk Bed.

High Beds are also advantageous as they leave space to play or to place a desk or storage unit underneath the bed, like on the High Bed with Stepladder. A great feature of this particular bed is if you have smaller children and are worried about them climbing ladders, this bed features large stairs with super practical storage, an amazing example of practical and beautiful kid's furniture.

One amazing element of all Lifetime Kids beds, and an important detail when looking for any kids furniture, is the ability to be adapted as your kids needs and wishes change.  In this respect, all Lifetime Beds accommodate toddlers, all the way through to teenagers, without needing to shop for a new bed.  In fact, all the beds have the simple single bed at the heart of their design, and can easily be converted back to this (without the need for additional parts) when your child has grown up. The 4-in-1 bed shows how this can work in a super simple way.

Hidden Treasures (Storage Solutions)

Once you've chosen your dream bed, then why not match it with other kids' furniture, like creative storage solutions. Lifetime Kids has some great modular storage solutions where you can build a unit to suit your space and storage needs. There are also many stylish shelving options, giving your child the perfect opportunity to display their personality and popular items, whether it be their latest Lego build or book collection. 

Whilst we don't sell a magic tool for collecting discarded clothes left on the floor, our kids' wardrobes can also be matched with other storage options.  These wardrobes are kid-friendly, meaning your child can reach the hanging rail themselves, and the storage is versatile with the option of full width hanging space or half for hanging, the other half featuring useful shelving space!

Creative play space (or desks as we like to call them!)

No longer are kids' desk options limited and boring. If your child wants a stylish solution then look no further than the clean lines of the desk with single drawer, which can be elegantly accessorised with an organiser or desk light.

If your child has the signs of becoming the next Picasso then we love the flexibility of the Ergo Electrical Adjustable Desk and the Height & Slant Adjustable Desk. Both these desks offer height adjustable play surfaces, as well as the ability to tilt the top to find a comfortable working position from which to draw or write.

For older kids, there is the Rise Electrical Adjustable desk, which offers the ability to work from a sitting or standing position, a drawer to hide away all the essentials and a USB to power their device whilst they follow the latest YouTube how to video.

The fairy dust (Accessories)

If you've ever watched a home design program and loved how the final dressed room always looks amazing and wished you could achieve the same result, then you will love our accessory packs, where we've removed the need for the creative flair! So if you child is obsessed with Barbie and wants to be a Princess or dreams of being a dinosaur explorer then we have curated some amazing bedroom accesssory sets that will help you bring all your kid's furniture dreams together.

Looking for more ideas & inspiration?

Still need help with kids' furniture inspiration then contact us or explore our inspiration board below and once you have chosen your set, why not see how it fits your space with the super useful Lifetime Kids Room Planner, which helps you put all the furniture into your space. We find it can be a super fun activity to do this with your child so they really feel like their dream room is becoming a reality!

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